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Master's programmes in English

Adult Learning and Global Change, 60 credits

Part-time, distance learning. Intended for professionals who need to understand learning and global change.

Four universities in four continents collaborate to deliver the programme: Linköping University, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, University of Western Cape, Cape Town and Monash University, Melbourne.

Outdoor Environmental Education and Outdoor Life, 60 credits

Full-time, campus based. This programme will clarify how outdoor environmental education can contribute to sustainable development and environmental health.

Study programmes in Swedish

Teacher Education programmes, 90 – 330 credits

8 programmes at all levels from preschool, pre-school class, leisure-time centre, compulsory school and upper secondary school. Also available as part-time distance learning programme for applicants with relevant academic background and experience.

Further Education for Foreign Teachers, 120 credits

This is a supplementary programme intended for applicants with a teacher training qualification from abroad.

Special Education, 90 credits

Designed for both academic and placement based course work. Depending on the student’s academic background, the future area of work will either be in a primary or secondary school setting. The programme qualifies students for posts within teaching, assessment, investigation
and development.

Special Teacher Education, 90 credits

Qualifies students for specialised posts within teaching, assessment, investigation and development. The programme seeks to encourage an analytical mindset and the capacity to question and critique both empirical and theoretical educational norms.

The special teacher is responsible for areas of the teaching syllabus which require a focus on written language and mathematical expertise.

Vocational Teacher Programme, 90 credits This programme is designed for those who wish to become teachers in vocational subjects in upper
secondary school. Applicants should have relevant and current professional experience. Part-time distance learning.

Education for Teachers in the Folk High School Programme, 60 credits

The programme sets out the particular opportunities offered by the Folk High School-concept in meeting the needs of adult education via an extremely flexible approach to training formats.

Pedagogical Work, 120 credits

Master programme in Education Science with a degree in Pedagogical Practices, Outdoor Education or Special Education. Intended for those who are currently working as teachers and who wish to gain a broader base of skills and qualifications within the teaching profession. It focuses on questions and phenomena which are central to the work of a teacher, and also to pedagogical procedures in other then the traditional curiculum subjects.

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