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Payment information

Below you will find instructions on how to pay for your accommodation package and excursions . We recommend you to pay for the excursions and the accommodation package with one transfer since there is a fee for every bank transfer.  


Accommodation package: 5000 SEK (Deadline for payment May 7, 2018)

Two days excursion to Stockholm: 1300 SEK/person (Deadline for preregistration 25 April 2018 midnight CET and payment 7 May 2018)

One day excursion to Vadstena: 260 SEK/person (Deadline for preregistration 25 April 2018 midnight CET and payment 7 May 2018)


* We have a limited number of student places per excursion. First come first served.

** Please wait with your payment until you received an e-mail confirmation that we pre-reserved a spot for you.

*** Please note that there is no refund for the excursions if you fail to attend.


We will send a payment confirmation to all students after may 20, 2017 once we have the complete list of payments.

Swedish money

Payment information:

  • Make the payment in SEK.
  • Message to the receiver: LiUISA 2017: accommodation / excursion, NAME STUDENT (if you don´t write your name we can not trace your payment)
  • Bank´s name: Danske Bank
  • Bank account number: 1281 01 17713
  • IBAN: SE13 1200 0000 0128 1011 7713 

  • Account holder: Linköpings Universitet
  • SWIFT address: DABASESX
  • Bank address: Danske Bank, Box 7523, 103 92 Stockholm






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