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What does a mathematician do?

SvD recently posted a ranking over the least stressful and highest paying jobs.

The job as a mathematician tops the list. And the natural question is, where can you find these mathematicians?

I’ve just come back home from an evening dinner celebrating one of our friends who has just presented his licentiate dissertation, “Asymptotic Expansions for Perturbed Discrete Time Renewal Equations”. At the dinner there were several mathematicians who have moved to the big city because of work. The only thing that they have in common is that they have studied Mathematics in Linköping. And not even the same type of mathematics. Some have studied mathematical statistics, some financial mathematics. Still others have studied computational mathematics, one or two have, like me, chosen the path of optimization theory and then there is the rare ones with their major in abstract algebra or algebraic geometry. They work in different industries, have different titles and different stories on how they ended up where they are now. But I will now leave them to tell my own story.

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