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Muhammad Azam AkramName: Muhammad Azam Akram
Home town & country: Bahawalpur, Pakistan
Current position and workplace: Senior Software Developer in Ericsson Stockholm, Sweden
Education at LiU: MSc. Communication and Interactivity
Graduation year: 2007

For many international students Sweden is not as obvious study destination as United Kingdom or Germany is.  Despite that Muhammad Azam Akram chose Sweden and never regretted his choice.


How come you chose LiU and Sweden and was your expectations met?

Honestly I was looking for international master’s programmes in United Kingdom or Germany. I had no idea about education structure in Sweden, i.e. whether they offer master degrees in English or not. One of my friends advised me to also include Sweden in the search list. I went through different universities websites and the content of the master’s programme at Linköping University was close to what I was looking for. I carefully studied where the university stood in international rankings and how the faculty was before any decision. The things I read about the university and the faculty was quite impressive. Now I can gladly say that my decision to pick Linköping University was correct.

What do you have to say about the university?

There is many quite impressive things, for example, the university campus is huge, well organised and equipped with world class facilities, whether you talk about class rooms, laboratories, cafeteria or student union office. The teaching staff was very qualified and helpful. Another exciting thing, which I often remember, was bicycle culture. One can see thousands of bicycles at the campus, which is very healthy for students as well as for environment.

If there is anything that could be improved, I think the university needs to expand a coordination with professional market to facilitate the students to find master thesis. Doing master thesis at the university is good but even better if it is done sitting in a company. Linköping University has a great reputation in the professional market especially in Sweden and it is an advantage that you will get by doing a master’s degree here.   


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