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 Facilities in SIMARC

(These facilities belong to and are placed and managed by the group of Functional Electronic Materials)

Experimental techniques in SIMARC

  • Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR)

· cw-EPR, pulsed EPR

  • EPR imaging
  • Optical Detection of Magnetic Resonance (ODMR)

· cw-ODMR, pulsed ODMR

  • Electron Nuclear Double Resonance (ENDOR)

· cw-ENDOR, Triple ENDOR, ENDOR-induced EPR, pulsed ENDOR, OD-ENDOR

  • Magnetic Circular Dichroism (MCD)


  • Cyclotron Resonance (CR)

· CR, optically detected CR (ODCR)

Equipment available in SIMARC

  • Bruker ELEXSYS 500 L/X-band EPR and EPR imaging system
  • Bruker ELEXSYS 580 Pulsed EPR/ENDOR X-band spectrometer
  • Modified Bruker ER200D X-band ODMR/OD-ENDOR spectrometer
  • A cw and pulsed W-band (95 GHz) EPR and ODMR system

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