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Problem-based learning

Problem-based learning (PBL) as a pedagogical philosophy and method is applied at the Faculty. In PBL, the focus is on the student’s participation in learning. The student takes responsibility, in theoretical and practical studies, for judging what he/she needs to learn by analysing and handling situations linked to the medical profession. The student searches for knowledge, sifts, applies and assesses this knowledge and evaluates his/her own learning.

The teaching is designed to stimulate and support the student’s development of professional competence and independence in learning. Situations (scenarios) linked to the profession are used as a basis for processing problems and creating motivation and meaningfulness in the students’ studies.

Tutorial groupwork with a web-based scenario

Students work together in small groups, partly to practise cooperation and partly to contribute to each other’s learning. The teacher applies PBL as a facilitator by challenging and following the students’ learning and providing feedback as well as by contributing knowledge in a way that stimulates and complements the students’ learning.

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Last updated: 2015-08-04