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The examination representative


The function of examination representative at Linköping University was created in 2006 by decision of the university president. Each department has its own examination representative, as does the Faculty of Health Sciences.

Here you can get help with questions concerning the set of rules for examinations. The examination representative at the Faculty of Health Sciences answers questions from both students and teachers within degree courses, stand-alone courses, and commissioned courses.

Below, you will find a link to the local set of rules so that you can find the answer to your question before you contact the examination representative.

LiU examination rules

Sstudy administration rules

Only questions sent from an liu.se address will be answered.
You must be registered, or have a teaching assignment in the course concerned. Give the course name and number. You may not ask questions anonymously. In the even the examination representative judges it necessary to inform the the teacher responsible for the course or the examiner, the person who asked the question will remain anonymous. Any questions concerning evaluation and marking of examinations will be referred to the examiner for the current course. All questions and answers will be archived at Linköping University.

Mail your question to the examination representative at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences:


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