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Economic evaluation of health care programmes, 5 credits (8FO0034)

Ansökan/Entries: Economic evaluation of health care programmes

The course is open for application until September 20.

Time: Weeks 45 and 47, 2023

Health economic evaluations are increasingly used to understand health outcomes and costs associated with treatments in order to assist priority settings within health care. This requires that many more persons than today can perform and interpret these evaluations. This course will focus on the most commonly used health economic evaluation methods and give the participants skills to critically assess these evaluations.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course the participants will be able to:

  • Understand health economic evaluation methods and interpret the results
  • Combine clinical research findings with other data sources into measures of cost-effectiveness
  • Interpret disease progression and economic simulation models 
  • Critically review and assess published health economic evaluations


  • Basic theory about health economic evaluation
  • Identifying, quantifying and valuing costs
  • Measuring relevant outcomes – from clinical outcomes to health
  • Different evaluation methods
  • Synthesis of clinical research findings and other data
  • From data sets to cost-effectiveness results
  • Characterising and handling uncertainty
  • Simulation models
  • Critical assessment of health economic evaluations
  • The use of health economic evaluations in priority setting

Educational Methods

Educational methods consist of lectures, seminars and practical exercises. 


  1. Active participation in lectures, seminars and practicals
  2. Written exam, answered at home

Students who have failed the course or part of the course twice are entitled to request another examiner for the following examination occasion.

Admission Requirements

General requirements
Admitted to education at research level (PhD-studies).  

PhD students are admitted according to the following priority order:

  1. PhD students registered at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences or PhD students strongly connected to the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences registered at other faculties within Linköping University
  2. PhD students registered at other faculties within Linköping University
  3. PhD students registered at other universities
  4. Others able to take part in the course  

Participation in the course of other students than above is only possible if there are fewer applicants from the above groups than students to be admitted.


Pass or Fail. Course evaluation Planning and implementation of the course shall be carried out on the basis of the wording in this course plan. The evaluation of the course should therefore consider the question how well the course agrees with the course plan. Written evaluation will be arranged at a scheduled time at the end of the course.


At the student’s request, the course organizer shall issue course certificate.

Course Literature

Drummond MF, et al. Methods for the economic evaluation of health care programmes, 4th edition. Oxford University Press. 2015 Additional selected papers; a list will be provided before the start of the course. The course organizer will provide a list of relevant literature before the start of the course.

Additional information

If the course is withdrawn, or is subject to major changes, examinations according to this course plan are normally offered on a total of at least three occasions within one year, one of them in close connection with the first examination.

The course is normally given in English.

Course administration

Course coordinator and examiner: Lars Bernfort, telephone 013-285683

Course administrator: Lena Hector, telephone 013-285779

Sidansvarig: siw.carlfjord@liu.se
Senast uppdaterad: 2023-05-22