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Notification of your defence

You are to notify the coordinator of third-cycle-studies at your department of your defence. Notification must include a proposed faculty examiner, two members of the examining committee and a deputy. The faculty examiner may not have participated in your mid-way seminar.


The checklist contains information about what to do before the dissertation

Time and place of public defence

You may defend your thesis on any weekday. The Faculty of Health Science permits up to one defence each morning and one each afternoon, whereas several licentiate seminars may go on at the same time. A licentiate seminar may also be held during another public defence at the Faculty of Health Science, though not if they are in the same or adjacent subject areas. Public defences and licentiate seminars are normally held at Campus US, Campus Norrköping or Campus Valla.

A public defence or licentiate seminar may also be held at the County Hospital at Ryhov in Jönköping, the Kalmar General Hospital or the Örebro University Hospital if your studies were clearly associated with one of those places.

Examining committee, chair of the public defence and faculty examiner

An examining committee of three or five members shall grade your thesis.  At least one member must be from a university other than LiU. The faculty examiner and all members of the committee must be docents or have a higher rank. FUS proposes an internal member from the standing faculty meeting to chair the defence. FUS presents the defence matter to an FUN meeting, which appoints the faculty examiner, all members of the examining committee, a deputy and chair of the defence.

If possible, one member of the committee is to have served as an expert at your mid-way seminar. A member of the committee, normally the one from the standing faculty meeting, convenes the committee for a preliminary examination.

Preliminary examination

The examination shall determine whether the thesis project and the modules that you have submitted are commensurate with 4 years of full-time studies and conform to accepted international standards. If so, the notification of your public defence is approved. If it is rejected, a written explanation is required, after which the convenor of the examining committee must contact the chair of Research and Third-cycle Studies Committee (FUN) to discuss the next step.

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