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Open petition: Keep the EU and UK collaborating in science #dealforscience

Open petition organized by EU-LIFE, EuroScience and Wellcome Trust, supported by The Faculty Management at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Linköping University.
Researchers need certainty on scientific collaboration between the UK and EU.
Science has been a key success of the EU and must remain a priority to keep Europe competitive. International collaboration makes science stronger and we should not let Brexit disrupt this. 
Researchers need a long-term solution to allow them to continue working together on the big challenges our societies face, transforming peoples’ lives for the better. It’s essential that politicians quickly find a way to keep this collaboration as easy as possible.
We call on the EU and the UK to sign a research and innovation agreement as soon as possible. This should include:
A commitment by European countries to work together to make the European Research Area a world leader in science;
Full researcher mobility between the UK and the rest of Europe for all levels and career stages;
A commitment to collaboration, including UK associate membership of Horizon Europe;
Co-operation on regulations that support science.
If you want to support this, sign the petition at: www.openpetition.eu/dealforscience


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Last updated: 2019-09-13