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Faculty of Health Sciences gets biobank

140 freezers with biological research samples will now be gathered together in one biobank in collaboration between the Faculty of Health Sciences and the University Hospital. Linköping will become a node in the BBMRI network, which held a major conference in Uppsala.


BioBanking and Molecular Resource Infrastructure of Sweden (BBMRI) is the Swedish Research Council’s largest ever investment in medical infrastructure. It is expected to provide new opportunities for early detection of diseases and, in turn better grounds for a decision regarding which treatment is best for a given illness.

Future medical research will increasingly be based on large amounts of material which give statistical robustness. This is a requirement in genetic analysis more than anywhere,” says Peter Söderkvist, Professor of Medical Genetics at Linköping University (LiU).

The head of the biobank facility at the Faculty of Health Sciences/University Hospital is Lena Thunell, chief research engineer at the Division of Cell Biology. Thunell explains:
“Many researchers have samples that today are stored in various clinics and research laboratories. By offering a joint storage centre we hope to be able to help improve the logistics of sample management.”

However the biobank will be more than a “freezer hotel”. Services in the form of DNA extraction and aliquoting with pipetting robots will also be offered. In addition, with the help of BBMRI, we are building a database, which will be connected to other biobanks in the country. The idea is to make it easier for researchers to find samples that can supplement their own material.”

BBMRI is now developing a regulatory system concerning the practical management of biological samples, such as tube formats, transport and cooling. The ethical aspects are also of great importance, for example the informed consent of sample providers.

The objective of the HandsOn: Biobanks Conference, which was held on September 20th and 21st in Uppsala, is to help researchers, policy-makers and industry representatives to understand and improve the route from sample to result. Journalists were welcome to observe the conference, which was held in Uppsala Konsert & Kongress. A brief press conference was held on September 20th at 8:30 AM.

HandsOn: Biobanks Conference


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