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Professors conferment

Friday 11 November it was time for the conferment of a new group of professors and doctoral students at Linköping University. 19 new professors were installed and 45 doctorates conferred at a ceremony in the Konsert and Kongress Hall, Linkoping. At the same time, Helen Dannetun’s induction as LiU’s new rector took place.

The new professors work over broad fields of knowledge and contribute, each in their own way, to improving understandings of our surroundings and ourselves. Eight of the professors are active at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the same number at the Institute of Technology and three at the Faculty of Health Sciences. Thirteen professors are men and six are women.

FMikael Benson, ny professor i pediatrik vid Hälsouniversitetet.aculty of Arts and Sciences

  • Eva Ellström, Pedagogy
  • Richard Hirsch, General Linguistics
  • Stefan Jonsson, Ethnic Studies
  • Jenny Palm, Technology and Social Change
  • Margrit Schildrick, Gender Studies
  • Hakan Ulfgard, Religious Studies
  • Mattias Villani, Statistics
  • Daniel Västfjäll , Cognitive Psychology

Institute of Technology

  • Anne Henry, Materials Physics
  • Michael Hörnquist, Mathematical Physics
  • Kenneth Järrendahl, Applied Optics
  • Elke Schweder, Analytical Chemistry
  • Qing Xiang Zhao, Physical electronics

Marek Los, ny professor i biomedicinsk forskning vid Hälsouniversitetet.Adjunct professors

  • Guocai Chai, Construction Materials
  • Helena Lindskog, Industrial marketing
  • Peter Stenumgaard, Communication Systems

Faculty of Health Sciences

  • Mikael Benson, Paediatrics  (top right)
  • Tomas Faresjö, Medical Sociology
  • Marek Los, Biomedical Research (lower right)

Most of the 45 new doctors have graduated at the Faculty of Health Sciences. 20 defended a doctoral dissertation. Fifteen have degrees from the Institute of Technology, seven at Faculty of Arts and Sciences and three from the Faculty of Educational Sciences. 29 are women and 16 are men.

At the ceremony four people also recieved the University Medal of Service. They are the manager of the Fenomenmagasinet Jan Engqvist, university architect Anna Hesser, Professor Jan-Ove Palmberg and Faculty Council Administrator Inger Sandstrom.

The Linköping Academic Orchestra and ladies choir Linnea led by Merete Ellegaard also participated.

More information about the ceremony.

Text: Lennart Falklöf 


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