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SEK 39 million for medical research

The brain takes centre stage when the the Swedish Research Council’s (VR) annual grant for medical research at LiU is totalled up. Altogether, VR will grant 13 applicants a total of SEK 39 million for research over three to five years.

As with the natural sciences and technology, this year’s allowance is a solid boost for research at LiU.

The Council for Medicine and Health had over SEK 1 billion to be divided among 351 projects. Particular investments were made in health sciences, psychiatry, pharmaceutics, and global health. Extra project funds were also allocated for research to alternatives for animal testing.

Anders Blomqvist.Three major grants for LiU address the brain:

  • Anders Blomqvist (pictured), professor of Neurobiology, will receive SEK 6.5 million for his project “Mechanisms for Immune Signalling to the Brain”.
  • Fredrik Elinder, professor of Molecular Neurobiology, will be allocated SEK 6.1 million to study the role of voltage-gated ion channels in life, death, and illness.
  • David Engblom, senior lecturer in Biology, will receive SEK 3 million for his project “Drug Addiction: Molecular Changes in Nerve Cell Circuits for Aversion and Reward.”

As part of a particular investment in global health in collaboration with the Swedish Internataional Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), Olle Stendahl, professor of molecular microbiology, will receive SEK 4.5 million to research immune response modulation in tuberculosis - from experiment to clinic.

Text: Åke Hjelm



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Last updated: 2012-12-10