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Study Abroad

Exchange Studies

If you are interested in applying for exchange studies, please contact Sabina Kinywa, Sabina.kinywa@liu.se , for administrative help with your application. You need to fill out the form Intresseanmälningsblanketten as well as writing a personal letter; giving details of yourself and your background, your studies so far, why you want to go as an exchange student to the place(s) you have chosen and what impact you think this will have on your future professional life, etc. Your Academic Coordinator, Eva Lindström, eva.lindstrom@liu.se , will help you with questions regarding academic issues.

Double degree programme

An extra feature of the programme is the possibility for a limited number of students to study the second year in Vienna, Austria. Apart from the experience, an additional degree, is earned - Master of Science in Engineering. In contrast to the research oriented environment in Linköping, the studies at the University of Applied Science Technikum Wien within the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine programme, have a strong link to the industry.

If you are interested in submitting an application for the double degree you can e-mail Sabina (address above) and make an appointment. Sabina will help you with the form and advice on the letter/papers needed.



Please contact your Academic coordinator, Eva Lindström with your questions.
eva.lindstrom@liu.se, 010–103 10 84


Academic administrator at the International Office, HU
Sabina Kinywa
+46 13 286801


Director of Studies
Katarina Kågedal
Tel: +46-10-103 15 25

Vice Director of Studies
Annika Thorsell
Tel: +46-10-103 39 06

Programme Administrator
Ann Pierre
Tel: +46 13 28 67 01

Study Counsellor
Daniel Antonsson
Tel: +46 13 28 68 19

Contact Student
Johanna Radegård


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