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Information for admitted students 2019


Information Day

The Information day will be held August 28, 2019, between 9:00 and 12:00, at Hall C1, C-building, Campus Valla. It is intended to welcome you to Linköping University and provide you with practical information about studies, facilities and social activities. Make sure you are there as it is a good opportunity for you to meet the master’s student coordinators and other students.


Roll-call and information sessions

On August 29, 2019, between 9:15 and 16.00 in Salix, University Hospital Campus (Campus US), there will be a mandatory roll-call and information session for the students admitted to the master’s programme in Experimental and Medical Biosciences. Lunch will be provided. If you are not able to attend the roll-call, you must inform us in advance or you will not be allowed to start your studies. After the roll-call there will be time for socializing with your new fellow students.

On August 30, 2019, 9:15-12:00 there will be a social interaction lecture in Salix at Campus US. At 14:30-16:00 there will be a Welcome Fair at Campus Valla.


Courses on the Programme Autumn semester 2019

Laboratory Techniques in Experimental Biosciences (Year 1), 2019-09-02--2019-09-27

Analytical Techniques in Experimental Biosciences (Year 1), 2019-09-30--2019-11-01

Molecular Virology (Year 2), 2019-09-02--2019-11-01

Stem Cells and Applied Regenerative Medicine (Year 2), 2019-09-02--2019-11-01

Advanced Immunology, 2019-11-04--2019-01-17

Laboratory Animal Sciences, 2019-11-04--2019-01-17

Tumour Biology, 2019-11-04--2019-01-17

Genetics of Complex Traits, 2019-11-04--2019-01-17


Courses on the Programme Spring semester 2018

Cardiovascular Biology, 2020-01-20--2020-02-21

Molecular and Medical Pharmacology, 2020-02-24--2020-03-27

Neurobiology, 2020-03-30--2020-05-06

Infection Biology - Clinical Perspectives, 2020-05-07--2020-06-11


Director of Studies
Katarina Kågedal
Tel: +46-10-103 15 25

Vice Director of Studies
Annika Thorsell
Tel: +46-10-103 39 06

Programme Administrator
Ann Pierre
Tel: +46 13 28 67 01

Study Counsellor
Daniel Antonsson
Tel: +46 13 28 68 19

Contact Student
Johanna Radegård


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Last updated: 2019-06-12