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Physiotherapy is both a science and a profession

Physiotherapy's field of knowledge is taken from natural and behavioral science and is applied in the central overarching concepts movement, activity, health and interaction.

Physiotherapy as a profession involves preventing, examining and treating functional disorders that limit or threaten to limit people's movement capacity. Activities include improving methods and quality, as well as evaluation. The patient/client is seen as an active partner. Actions, treatments, and educational initiatives are aimed at making the patient aware of their own physical resources and to improve conditions for managing the demands of everyday life. Physiotherapy involves all ages and encompasses a broad spectrum of functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system, the central and peripheral nervous system, respiration and circulation, psychosomatic medicine, and psyche. The physiotherapist has independent responsibility for assessment, the choice of actions ,and carrying out treatment and evaluation.

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Last updated: 2020-03-11