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New website liu.se

Our new website, liu.se, has been running since mid-February. It is aimed primarily at our external visitors - researchers, collaborators, research financiers, students, journalists, potential students and employees, etc. Here we publish content of external interest.

Our old web, which will last for some time, Inside LiU, contains internal material that we as employees of LiU need in our work. Each employee has its own employee page at liu.se and all researchers have the opportunity to publish information about their research activities.

Employee page

Purpose: To give visitors a good summary presentation about you as an employee of LiU. It should be easy to get in touch with us.
Target groups: researchers, employees, journalists, students, etc.

Research page

Purpose: to spread and utilize knowledge that develops society. We want to profile and position LiU in the research community. On this page you can present your research, research groups, research projects, employees, etc.

Target groups: researchers, research financiers, students, collaborators and others.

Some instructions

Employee page


Research page


  • We need your text in Swedish and English
  • You can rewrite your research in a common word document as per the instructions in the template or download a template:
  • Remember to attach large, high resolution images


Do you have questions? Do you want to make changes to any of your pages? Or do you want to submit your material?

Please contact:

Eva Danielsson, Communications Officer
Sara Hammarsten, Communications Officer

"Writer´s workshop"

For technical/administration staff

Thursday 21 September 13.15-15.00
Conference room: Papaver, house 511, entrance 78, floor 11, Campus US

Friday 22 September 10.00-12.00
Conference room: 
Rönnen, house 463, floor 10, entrance 64 or 65, Campus US

During the "writer´s workshop" you can write your employee and/or research page and we, Eva and Sara, assist and explain in place.



Employee pages to be inspired by:


Research pages to be inspired by:


Page manager: eva.m.danielsson@liu.se
Last updated: Thu Sep 21 12:54:07 CEST 2017