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IKE Day 2018 – Science and including the public

Sal IKE dagen 2018

This year’s IKE day had a record breaking 220 registered participants. Deputy head of the department Peter Påhlsson started the day with emphasising the importance of networking and maintaining the openness that the department has worked for. Johnny Ludvigsson proceeded in sharing the massive work he has performed at the department for the benefit of children with diabetes type 1, and still continues today.

The program presented both research throwbacks and upcoming PhD work, as well as important and universal talks on research ethics, the importance of including the public in the work of the university and an insight in the public’s trust in the work researchers do.

Research at the department was also presented through over 40 poster presentations. The winners of the poster competition were: 

Best Poster: Nazira Albargothy, Post-doc

LiU Innovation Prize for Best Commercialisation Plan: Lina Tingö, Principal Research Engineer



PP IKE dagen 2018Deputy head of department Peter Påhlsson welcomed the large crowd and made a reminder of the importance of networking and keeping up the open atmosphere of working together at IKE















JL IKE dagen 2018

Johnny Ludvigsson’s presentation of a life in science covered everything from thesis findings and starting a foundation to royal weddings.













MA IKE dagen 2018


Malin Attefall, science editor of the tv program Vetenskapens värld on SVT talked about the importance of reaching the majority of the public, the ones that do not carry a strong opinion on research and research findings, but are interested and willing to learn more.












MB IKE dagen 2018

Martin Bergman, researcher at Vetenskap och Allmänhet (Public and Science), described the work the organisation does on informing the public and investigating the general trust and opinion in researchers work and the universities as institutions.












CN IKE dagen 2018Colm Nestor, organiser of the IKE Day 2018














IKE dagen 2018



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