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MIIC SAP seminars start

Mucosa Infection and Inflammation Center (MIIC) organises a student and postdoc (SAP) seminar series.

The first MIIC SAP seminar of the autumn will be on September the 3rd (12.15-13.00) in Papaver (Växhuset 511, floor 11):

  • Andrea Molinas (Stefan Koch´s group): Regulation of intestinal epithelial homeostasis by Cyclin Y
  • Purnika Ranasinghe (Maria Jenmalm and Thomas Abrahamsson´s group): Prophylactic Probiotics to Extremely Low Birth Weight Pre-term Infants (PROPEL trial): Infant fecal microbiome analysis via NextGen Sequencing


The second MIIC SAP seminar will be on September 10th (same time, same location):

  • Georgia Papapavlou (Jan Ernerudh´s group); Effect of estrogen on CD4+ T cell activation in vitro
  • Jyotirmoy Das (Maria Lerm´s group): Computational analysis of DNA methylation data obtained from immune cells of mycobacteria-exposed individuals

Everyone interested in the topics are welcome to join the seminars! 


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