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Introduction to Bioinformatics using NGS data

National course supported by SciLifeLab and National Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden will be organised in Linköping May 21-25. Register March 26th the latest. 

The course will provide an entry-level introduction to a wide range of analytical techniques for massively parallel sequencing, including basic Linux commands. We will pair lectures on the theory of analysis algorithms with practical computational exercises demonstrating the use of common tools for analyzing data from each of several common sequencing study designs.

Topics covered will include:

  • Basic Linux usage
  • NGS read-to-reference alignment (genomic and RNA-Seq)
  • Variant calling in populations
  • De novo assembly of RNA-sequence data
  • Reference-guided RNA-Seq expression analysis

Analysis techniques covered will focus mostly on data from the Illumina platform, but we will discuss other sequencing platforms and the advantages and challenges to using their data.

Read more and register here.

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