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Kurs: Intellectual Property as a Business Tool

Doktorandkurs i immaterialrätt, Intellectual Property as a Business Tool, erbjuds av institutionen för ekonomisk och industriell utveckling. Alla forskare vid LiU är välkomna att söka och delta:

Intellectual Property as a Business Tool, 3 hp

Join an interesting course and get the basics on Patents and other IPR. Learn how to extract the protection, how money is made based on IPR and how to perform searches in patent databases. Please note that the patent databases contains vital and sometimes even crucial information for your research as such! Open for every researcher at LiU!
The course will start Wednesday 14 March and continue until 2 May 2017

More info at: https://doktorandportalen.iei.liu.se/user/course/271/
Register by sending an e-mail to karin.fredriksson@liu.se 


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