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Nominera bästa vetenskapliga artikel / Nominate best scientific paper

The Best Scientific Paper Award for HURS 2018 is accepting nominations until February 15th 2018!

In celebration of scientific excellence at the Medical faculty DOMFIL will honor two manuscripts from 2017 by PhD students at the Medical Faculty with the Best Scientific Paper award.  

Completely blinded manuscripts will be judged by a panel of senior scientists and the award sum is 5000 SEK.

Nominate a manuscript, no later than February 15th 2018, to scientificpaper@domfil.consensus.liu.se

Please include the name of the Ph D student and his or her email address with the nomination. Send-ins in unedited manuscript form are preferable, however if you do not have access to the paper in manuscript form please include the PubMed identification number (PMID) instead.

The winners are presented at HURS (Health university research symposium) on March 23rd 2018.


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