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Call for new initiative from SciLifeLab, Research Community Programs (RCPs)

We are inviting you to take part in the call for expression of interest for the SciLifeLab Research Community Programs (RCPs) that SciLifeLab is launching for the first time.

The RCPs aim to facilitate internationally competitive, cutting-edge collaborative research across Sweden, involving the SciLifeLab infrastructure facilities. SciLifeLab wishes to support the establishment of new collaborative networks and facilitate the impact of the SciLifeLab infrastructure in key research areas.

The aims of the RCPs are:

  • to bring together a critical mass of scientific expertise across several departments and universities in Sweden on a particular theme or topic,
  • to form new enabling links between the SciLifeLab infrastructure and researchers,
  • to engage established and young PIs to combine forces and work together in multidisciplinary and national collaborations.

We hereby encourage you to participate in this expression of interest call for SciLifeLab
RCPs and to play an active role in the formation of these RCPs. PIs from any Swedish university can be participating in, or coordinating a RCP.

The call will fund the coordination, scientific interaction and community building of the RCPs, while the actual research funding is expected to come from existing research grants, SFO and university funding with the expectation that the RCP participants will together pursue and apply for other major grant funding opportunities.

Members/participants of RCPs will not get priority access to the regular SciLifeLab infrastructure services, but they should closely interact with infrastructure scientists, e.g. engaging in method development, share data, expertise etc.

The call opens on Jan 15, and will close at midnight on Feb 26, 2018.

The application link and templates for completing the application will be available online on Monday 15 Jan at https://www.scilifelab.se/research-community-programs/rcp-registration-page/

Further details about the expression of interest call including criteria, funding, selection process, time-plan and more are found in the full call text attached as a pdf with this email or at www.scilifelab.se/rcps/

Please feel free to forward this message to any person whom you think may be interested in this new initiative!

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information at: rcps@scilifelab.se

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