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Invitation - The Nordic Task-Force Nordic initiative for Precision Medicine

Precision medicine is advancing rapidly. A meeting held in Malmö, Sweden, December 4-5 will gather leaders and stakeholders from all the Nordic countries to discuss future developments and challenges.

The aetiology, clinical presentation and consequences of many high-burden diseases is heterogeneous, with current therapies failing many patients. Recent advances in biomarker technologies offer unprecedented opportunities for the stratification of these diseases into subclasses, which may yield more effective solutions for prevention, treatment and cure.

Cohorts and scientists from the Nordic countries have been at the forefront of the major discoveries made in the genomics of common diseases for more than a decade. Harnessing this Nordic power-hub and exploiting its full potential requires the unification of resources, infrastructures and expertise. To this end, the Nordic Task-Force for Precision Medicine was formed in 2016.

On December 4th 2017, the Task-Force will host its fourth one day symposium in Malmö, Sweden, where the major stakeholders and thought leaders will gather to overview and discuss the future of precision medicine in the Nordic region.

Lectures from leading scientists and policy makers will overview the state-of-the-art in precision medicine research, the practical challenges for data-sharing and knowledge transfer, and the benefits for public health that a coordinated Nordic precision medicine initiative might deliver.

Program: http://www.ludc.lu.se/nifpm

Contact and registration:

For information and registering please send an email to Pernilla.Siming@med.lu.se by November 20th.


Paul Franks, Professor, Genetic and Molecular Epidemiology, Lund University


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