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Core Facility - Flow cytometry

Upgrade of the ImageStream MKII with a yellow-green 561nm and violet 405nm lasers

Important information for everyone who is working in the field of cell biology

As many of you know, Core Facility Flow Cytometry Unit has the good fortune to have an Amnis ImageStream MkII instrument. This exciting technology combines the speed and sample size of flow cytometry with the resolution and sensitivity of microscopy. Applications that have been reported in the literature include cell signaling, internalization, co-localization, cell-cell interaction morphology, cell death, cell cycle, DNA damage and repair and more.

We have up-graded our instrument with 2 more lasers to accommodate more fluorochromes that research groups are using.

We have earlier been able to combined bright field images and side scatter with fluorochromes such as FITC (488nm laser) and APC (642nm laser). We now have a yellow-green, 561nm laser and a violet, 405nm laser.

We are including a brochure from the company to refresh your memory of what can be done with this instrument. We will provide you with help to set up the instrument for your specific needs and guide you through the analysis program that is a part of the instrument.

Together with Aminis, we are planning a hands on work day in June.

For more information, please contact us at the flow cytometry unit.

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Core Facility, Flow cytometry
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