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Work environment and Laboratory safety

Work environment

  • The inspection from the Swedish Work Environment Authority has been  rescheduled to the 15th of May. Therefore, we would like to remind you to ensure that everything is in order at your work place concerning the waste, chemical handling and risk assessments before the inspection on the 15th of May
  • New coordinator Environment and waste: Karin Söderman is the new coordinator at IKE for Environment and waste. She can be reached at 010-1033764, karin.soderman@liu.se, and her office is situated in the Pathology building at floor 10

Laboratory safety

  • Lab technical forum: ”Labtekniskt forum” will be held at 16th of May (12-13). An invitation will be sent out soon to those who are concerned.
  • Risk assessments: Risk assessments have to be carried out before any laboratory work is initiated. The head of the divisions have therefor allocated the task to ensure that the risk assessment is made to the research leaders/PIs. For more information see the Laboratory handbook (templates for risk assessments can also be found at the IKE home page, and in the chemical system KLARA). Please contact Elisabet Hollén, Karin Söderman or Veronika Brodin if you have further questions.
  • "Did you cut yourself?" See the updated routine for "Cut, stick and splash injury" at IKE home page.  (https://old.liu.se/medfak/ike/internt/arbetsmiljo?l=sv). Also remember to fill out an incident report!
  • "Splash in the eye": A new routine form splash in the eye can be found at the IKE homepage (https://old.liu.se/medfak/ike/internt/arbetsmiljo/arbetsmiljo-och-miljo-startsida/1.720626/Rutinstankiogat_routineeyesplash_IKE.pdf)


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