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Quality assurance of publications in DIVA for 2016

It is time to assure the quality of our publications in DiVA for 2016

The information of publications in DiVA is used for allocation of economic resources within both MF (Medical Faculty) and RÖ (Region Östergötland), and therefore it is important that the 2016 publications are correct.
The only types of publications consider for allocations are peer-reviewed journal articles, peer-reviewed review articles and theses.

Basis for the allocations does not include articles with the status "Epub ahead of print", "Accepted", "in press" or conference papers/abstracts.

Researchers who were affiliated to both MF and RÖ when the publication was written should register both organizational affiliations in DiVA.

To check your publications in DiVA select one of the following options:

If publications are missing or if a publication is incorrectly registered please report to Mats Söderström, mats.g.soderstrom@liu.se

Corrections/submissions received later than March 29, 2017 will not be considered!


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