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We welcome you to attend an event arranged by Forum Scientium, LiU Junior Faculty and the Wallenberg Center for Molecular Medicine at LiU (WCMM)

  • The 5th of April 2017, 15:15 - 17:30
  • Lecture hall Planck, Physics Building at Campus Valla

Forum Forum is an informal get-together event where ideas about future collaboration projects can be born. By talking to Ph.D. students, postdocs and junior/senior researchers, and by listening to the visions of other research groups, we hope that the attendants will find inspiration and opportunities to start up joint multidisciplinary research projects.

A range of speakers will present their research and the visions of their group shortly and present suggestions for possible projects for cross-disciplinary collaborations.


15:15 Opening remarks and very short presentations of WCMM, Junior Faculty and Forum Scientium

“Our distant relatives – how similar is our immunity to that of the amoeba?”
Maria Lerm, IKE Microbiology, Infection and Inflammation

“Radiogenomics – laying the puzzle of multi-level dynamics in biology"
Gunnar Cedersund, IMT Integrative Systems Biology

“From molecules to materials - and back again"
Daniel Aili, IFM Molecular Physics

16:00 Coffee break

“Integrative structural biology as a toolbox to explore viral entry"
Eleonore von Castelmur, IFM Structural Biology

"Wnt signaling in epithelial regeneration"
Stefan Koch, IKE Hematopoesis and Developmental biology

“Electronic Plants"
Eleni Stavrinidou, ITN Laboratory of Organic Electronics

Forum Scientium, Junior Faculty and the Wallenberg Center for Molecular Medicine (WCMM) are looking forward to meet you at Forum Forum!

To make it possible for us to order enough pastry to the coffee we would like those of you that would like to have this makes a registration at https://goo.gl/forms/dJCceup5FN0W8fWP2

Updated programme will be found at https://people.ifm.liu.se/stekl/forumforum2017.pdf



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