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Lunch concert: The complete op 110 by Beethoven

For those of you who are brave enough to stay until the last working day before Christmas, the darkest day of the year, there will be a glimmer of light during lunch: a new piano concert.

This time we will have a look at the complete op 110 by Beethoven. This is his second to last piano sonata, which was written during the end of his life, and it is one of my favorite of all his sonatas. It has a complexity, simplicity, and human depth that really is beyond description. Nevertheless, I will try to guide you through the basic architecture of the piece before I play it, to make you feel more at home when you then hear it. 


  • Where: Berzeliussalen, next to the medfak library
  • When: Friday December 22, 12.20-12.50
  • Who: Gunnar Cedersund
  • Price: Free of charge



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