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Educating health professionals for the new century

Nordic Workshop 13-14 June 2017

The workshop organized by Linköping University and Karolinska Institutet, with support from Kungliga Vetenskapsakademien (KVA) and Inter Academy Medical Panel (IAMP), will address three key themes. The workshop is the third and the follow-up to the Nobel Forum conference “Educating Health Professionals for the new century” in 2012, and “Educating health professionals for tomorrow´s global healthcare systems - the role of universities” at Lund University 2014. Nordic Workshop is 2017 arranged as a pre-conference to the 3rd international ProPEL conference.

Tomorrow’s health systems faces a multitude of challenges; the sustainable development goals as well as the Swedish commission on equal health make it clear that health is dependent on many factors, inside as well as outside of what is normally defined as health systems. Hence, there is a need to address health in all policies. Moreover, balancing personalized medicine with public health is another challenge, which includes care, cure, and prevention. To achieve this, county counties, municipalities, and patient organisations need to collaborate.

Key themes to be addressed:

  • Health professionals and health in all policies - actions for practice
  • Health professionals combining care, cure and prevention – utopia or reality
  • Personalized care – the role of health professionals


Conference 3 000 SEK
Student 500 SEK
Dinner 350 SEK


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