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Lunch concert 9/9, Bach, Beethoven, and Rameau

It is time for a new lunch concert. This time we will hear the first part of a new Beethoven sonata in my journey through all 32 of them: opus 2:2. This is the second major sonata that Beethoven ever wrote, and it is a part of a 3-piece opus. It is a quite light and easy-going piece, in contrast to the other two in the same opus, which are quite dramatic. Apart from this sonata, I will also play some short and beautiful Baroque pieces, by J-P Rameau and JS Bach. As usual I will introduce the pieces before I play them.

  • What: Piano lunch concert
  • Where: Berzeliussalen
  • When: Friday September 9, 12.20-12.50
  • Who: Gunnar Cedersund, pianist
  • Music: Bach, Beethoven and Rameau
  • Price: No entrance fee, but you can contribute to the tuning if you want to


Gunnar Cedersund


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