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Unix/Linux Tutorial for Beginners

NBIS Linköping and ELIXIR are offering an "Introduction to Linux" e-learning course designed to provide an opportunity for life scientists in whole Sweden to extend their skills and knowledge without the burden of travelling to distant academies. NGS technologies generate vast amount of data, usually in the form of very large text files. Trying to handle this data with applications like Word or Excel is difficult or impossible, while using the Linux command line can drastically simplify your work and improve your efficiency. Linux/Unix provides an excellent computing environment for bioinformatics and the command line interpreter (shell) serves as an interface to a large amount of bioinformatics programs. The course provides a basic introduction to Unix/Linux commands for bioinformatics and covers how Unix/Linux commands can be used to manage and inspect your data and results, and how to generate and run bioinformatics pipelines and workflows. Furthermore, the participants will learn how to use the Uppmax/Uppnex resources to run bioinformatics analyses for which no web interface is available.

The course is addressed to life scientists with no or very little experience in using Linux commands but enthusiastic about learning how to use them for simplifying their work and improving their efficiency.

What to bring:
Participants are expected to use their own computers with integrated webcam, headset, and with pre-installed MobaXterm (detailed instructions will be given upon acceptance).

Date: October 17 to 19, 9 am to 5 pm
Application deadline: September 26
Confirmation to accepted students: September 28
Responsible teacher: Mihaela Martis
Teachers' location: Linköping, Umeå
Students' location: Anywhere in Sweden"

Register by filling the following form: https://goo.gl/forms/8MoMstRoN9Zb3iVd2


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