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ERASMUS-student söker projekt

Har du/ni ett projekt som ni behöver hjälp med?

Nu har ni chansen då en ERASMUS student som sökt vår kurs (8FG066, Scientific Projekt within Biomedical laboratory science , 60 hp) behöver ett projekt med start höstterminen 2016.

Kathrine from England /Hatfield University have a particular interest in developmental biology and embryology, but would be happy to research most fields of biology, although she prefer more clinical areas of study.

Her research proposal for her Herts third-year study was on the impact of the Zika virus on foetal cell development and the origins of holoprosencephalic disorders.

Do you (or your colleagues) have a projects?

Please contact Åshild Faresjö as soon as possible ashild.olsen.faresjo@liu.se


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