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Information about holiday 2016 for teachers and doctoral students

Linköping University applies standard holiday for teachers and doctoral students.

Holiday of year 2016 will be from June 27 according to the following standard below.

Holiday premium will be paid along with the standard holiday (i.e. the current month or the month after the holiday).

Under normal circumstances, teachers' and doctoral students´ annual leave must, in accordance with Section 13 of the applicable agreement concerning working hours for teachers, coincide with student holidays.
Registration of standard holiday does not exclude the possibility of another scheduling of vacation during the year, or the right to save vacation, but it requires a dialogue with your supervisor about work during the period of the standard holiday, and effect of business as holiday be located at any other time than standard holiday.

2016 years standard holiday days for teachers and doctoral students will be the following times:

For you who have 35 vacation days (From 40 years of age)
It will be 35 days in the period 27/6 - 12/8.

For you who have 31 vacation days (From 30 years of age)
It will be 31 days in the period 27/6 - 8/8.

For you who have 28 vacation days (those that aged under 30 1 January 2016)
It will be 28 days in the period 27/6 - 3/8.

Deviations from the standard holiday

Deviations from the standard period do not need to be notified to the payroll unit except in certain cases:

  • Sick leave
  • Parental leave

If there are any deviations you need to inform your supervisor before the holiday begins, using the form "Semesteransökan".

The link to the form for those who need to make a deviation from the standard holiday:

Accrued annual leave

From 2016-01-01 must an employee have a maximum of 35 vacation days (previously 40 days).
If an employee is entitled to more than 20 paid vacation days during the year, it is permitted for the employee to save one or more of those excess days.

Insurance during standard period

When working in the standard period (including business travel) employees are insured by the employer. The employee does not have to make the readmission of vacation days based on the requirement of being insured during work or business travel during standard period.

For you with temporary employment

The holiday must be taken within the duration of employment. Remember that the holiday is counted five days a week whether you work full time or part time. The number of vacation days that you are entitled to, is shown on the wage statements.

Parental leave

For those who plan parental leave in connection with the standard period, it is important that you notify in advance or at least 2 months before you want your parental leave.

Questions and answers

I have got standard holidays and I have a contract that expires during summer, what applies for me?
For those who have a fixed-term contract during the holiday season, standard holiday will be used as far as the saved days are enough, in accordance with the standard dates.

I'm on parental leave during the year, what applies to me?
For employees who are on parental leave with parental pay, should use their vacation days of this year directly before or after the parental leave.

I am on sick leave during the standard holiday season, what applies for me?
If you are on sick leave (fully or partially) you apply for holiday on vacation form and leave the form for endorsement by your manager.

I would like to use saved holiday in the fall. Can I do that?
Write a holiday application (write "saved holidays"), and leave the form for endorsement by your manager.

If I want to save vacation days for next year, is that ok?
If you are entitled to more than 20 paid vacation days during the year, you can save one or more of those excess days. You must not have saved more than 35 days in total.You should recapture standard holiday on a form and leave the form to your manager for approval.


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