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Quality assurance of publications in DiVA

It is time for quality assurance of publications in DiVA for 2015, both for the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (MF) and Region Östergötland (RÖ)

March 31 is the last day for researchers to check their publications in DiVA.

It is very important that all publications from 2015 are registered in DiVA and that they are correctly stated as the information is used for the allocation of financial resources both at MF and RÖ.

It is especially important that all published articles and theses are included as they are used for allocating funds.
For the correct addresses on publications see https://www.liu.se/medfak/forskning/publicering/att-tanka-pa-vid-vetenskaplig-publicering?l=en&sc=true

Checking Publication Lists via LiU-ID>>


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