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New lunch concert: Beethoven's fugue sonata

We are at last ready for a new lunch concert! This time, my practice has led me through to the other side of one of Beethoven's undoubtedly more complex sonatas, his A flat sonata, op 110. The reason why this sonata is so complex is that it contains a large fugue mixed into the middle and end of the last movement. Because of this, I will at this first occasion play this last movement only, and also help you understand what you listen to by first explaining the piece. The complexity will also be balanced by simplicity and beauty in movie music-like compositions by Emily Bear and Nils Frahm.

What: Lunch concert, piano music
When: Monday, Feb 15, 12.20-12.50
Where: Berzeliussalen
Price: nothing, but you can contribute to the tuning of the piano if you want
Who: Gunnar Cedersund, IKE/IMT
Music: Beethoven, op 110, and music by Emily Bear and/or Nils Frahm



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