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Buisness Card Payment

There are four business cards at IKE that can be used for international payments of conferences, membership fees and similar. If you need to use one of these cards please contact, in good time, one of the card holders at the department.

For the credit card transactions you need to fill in the form “Payment with Corporate Business Card” and bring it to the card holder.

Please remember to print out and bring all the documents for payment.



Kontokort med hänglås




Mary Esping
Phone: +46 (0)10 103 20 51
E-mail: mary.esping@liu.se

Chatarina Malm
Phone: +46 (0)10 103 20 16
+46 (0)13 28 68 85
E-mail: chatarina.malm@liu.se

Gesine Ensle
Phone: +46 (0)13 28 21 42
E-mail: gesine.ensle@liu.se

Ulla Svensson Bater
Phone: +46 (0) 13 28 68 22
E-mail: ulla.svensson.bater@liu.se



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