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Laboratory for Regenerative Medicine (LRM)

GMP-labLaboratory for Regenerative Medicine (LRM) provides laboratory facilities for development and manufacture of medical devices. LRM was built in collaboration between the County Council of Östergötland (LiÖ) and Linköping University (LiU), starting in 2009. LRM consists of two class D clean room laboratories, each with class A Xvivo Closed Incubation System. In addition LRM has an own Quality Control laboratory. LRM is certified under ISO 13485.


LRM will provide, in a controlled clean room environment and under quality assured forms, internal and external customers the opportunity to:

  • establish and develop manufacturing processes or to conduct actual manufacturing, ensuring that the products manufactured at LRM can be used for clinical trials and/or put to the market.
  • conduct research & development, ensuring that the results from research & development can be used for process development of manufacturing processes for GMP manufacturing.


Organizationally LRM is a unit under the Anaesthetics, Operations and Specialty Surgery Centre (Swedish: Sinnescentrum) within the County Council of Östergötland.

The clean room laboratory facilities of LRM are situated in the building 462 at the Linköping University Hospital.


Contact person: Linda Åkerberg Petronio, Laboratory Manager


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