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Self-Care in Chronic Illness, 5  credits

Egenvård vid kronisk sjukdom, 5 hp

Entries/Anmälan Self-care in chronic illnes

Time: Weeks 3-4 2023, online course

The course will be open for application until December 15, 2022.

Number of participants: 10-20

Self-care is a term used to encompass healthy behaviour, treatment adherence, and decision-making. For various types of illness, physiological, psychological, ethical, behavioural, situational, social and cultural factors influence how well patients make the transition from health to illness and the performance of self-care behaviours.

Self-care is essential in the long-term management of chronic illness. One challenge faced by clinicians is understanding the complex process of self-care and to develop appropriate, theory-driven interventions that support patients and their caregivers to maintain their health and manage their chronic illness.


This course introduces definitions, predictors, measurements, and outcomes of self-care in chronic illness. Literature from various disciplines will be used to provide a broadened perspective of the self-care construct, theories and models and various issues that patients face when dealing with chronic illness.

General information

Students need to attend the lectures on Zoom (life) and discuss in Zoom breakout sessions. We plan 5 days Zoom lectures, groupwork, discussions, and 4 days online lectures with home assignments. In the last week students prepare and send in their exam paper. The course is taught in English and is open for PhD students. 

Prerequisites and admission

Entry requirement for studies on third-cycle education courses
- second-cycle degree,
- 240 credits in required courses, including at least 60 second-cycle credits, or
- acquisition of equivalent knowledge in some other manner
PhD students are admitted according to the following priority order:
1- PhD students registered at the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences or PhD strongly associated with the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences registered at other faculties within Linköping University
2- PhD students registered at other faculties within Linköping University
3- Graduate students registered at other universities
Participation of other students than above is only possible if there are fewer applicants from the above groups than there are places available.

Educational methods and examination

Educational methods applied in this course are lectures, web-lectures, seminars, individual assignments and group activities.  Active participation in lectures, group activities and seminars are mandatory for a passing grade.
The exam consists of an individual written assignment. 

Learning objectives in short

By the end of the course the students will be able to describe self-care and analyse factors related to self-care from different disciplinary perspectives. They will have the skills to apply theories, models and tools for the study and assessment of self-care in specific illness groups. They will also be able to reflect on the ethical problems in relation to self-care.
For a full list of learning objectives, see the Syllabus (not yet available).


Course coordinator: Tiny Jaarsma 

Examinator: Anna Strömberg

Administrator: Nora Östrup



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