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Laboratory Animal Sciences (LAS), 5 credits (8FO0141)

Försöksdjurskunskap, 5 hp 

The course Laboratory Animal Sciences (LAS) is provided by the Medical Faculty at Linköping University, using the contents developed by the Nordic Consortium for LAS Education and Training (NCLASET) and is compulsory for all PhD students at Linköping University who will work with laboratory animals.

According to EU directive 2010/63/EU and the Swedish Board of Agriculture’s Regulations and General Advice on Laboratory Animals (L150), any persons in Sweden who intend to work with laboratory animals according to functions A-D as described below must have training and demonstrate the competence required.

  • Function A)  Perform animal experiments
  • Function B)  Design experiments or projects including animals
  • Function C)  Handle animals and/or
  • Function D)  Euthanize animals

The course consists of modules with both theoretical and practical parts. Some course contents are species-specific, i.e. relate to the species of animal to be used by the student.

For more information, see the course syllabus.



Admission requirements  

Entry requirement for studies on third-cycle education courses

  • second-cycle degree,
  • 240 credits in required courses, including at least 60 second-cycle credits, or
  • acquisition of equivalent knowledge in some other manner


Evaluation by Animal Ethics Officer

Before applying for the course you have to download and fill in the AEO form and send to the Animal Ethics Officer, who will evaluate your specific needs and provide more information about the course. Wait for this approval before you apply for the course.



After approval from the AEO you may complete the online application (below).  

Admission to the course is ongoing throughout the year.

The course administrator will grant access to the online course platform in LISAM. Access to LISAM requires a LiU ID. If you do not have a LiU ID, please contact Ulla Svensson Bater  and ask for an “Institutional account”.

Further information on how to proceed with the LAS course will be found in the LISAM platform.


Who is who in the LAS course?

Course coordinator and examiner (CE): Petter Hedlund 
Course administration (CA): Admin
Animal Ethics Officer (AEO): Jordi Altimiras 
University Veterinarian: Monika Kozak Ljunggren 

Page manager: siw.carlfjord@liu.se
Last updated: 2023-06-20