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Science illustration, 2 credits (8FO0146)

Vetenskaplig illustration, 2 hp (8FO0146) 


Time:  weeks 15-19 2024


Number of students: 10-20

General information

Course language is English. The course will be given On-site.


This course deals with basic aspects and knowledge regarding scientific illustrations and the use of illustration software. The aim is to provide the students with knowledge and tools on how to create and design graphical abstracts for scientific publications.

The following parts are included: 

  • Scientific graphical abstracts, their structure, language and content.
  • Conveying a scientific message in pictures/figures.
  • Condensing scientific information to brief key terms/statements.
  • The use of attractive color schemes and layouts.
  • Useful resources to complement scientific illustration.


Additional information

For this course you will work in a vector-based software to create scientific illustrations for your graphical abstracts. All software's work with both Windows and Mac operating systems and will give similar end results.

  • Adobe Illustrator is the software that is most commonly used in the industry. Needs a license.
  • Affinity Designer has a modern interface and is quick and easy to work with. Needs a license.
  • Inkscape, in contrast to the other software’s, is free to download and really powerful. Can be downloaded through MinIT (for LiU PhD students).

During the course you will work in one of the software’s (based on your preference). If you have the opportunity, you could try different software’s and find your favorite. 

More information about the learning outcomes and formalities of the course can be found in the syllabus. 


Course syllabus (will be published in October)


Entry requirements and Admission

Entry requirement for studies on third-cycle education courses

  • second-cycle degree,
  • 240 credits in required courses, including at least 60 second-cycle credits, or
  • acquisition of equivalent knowledge in some other manner

PhD students are admitted according to the following priority order:
1. PhD students registred at the Faculty of Health Sciences or PhD students strongly connected to the Faculty of Health Sciences registred at other faculties within Linköping University
2. PhD students registred at other faculties within Linköping University
3. PhD students registred at other universities

Participation in the course of other students than above is only possible if there are fewer applicants from the above groups than students to be admitted.

Course literature

A list of recommended literature will be provided before the start and throughout the course. 

Course administration

Course coordinator: Lina Tingö and Sandra Hellberg

Course examiner: TBD

Course administrator: Lina Wirestam 



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