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Hållbar utveckling, 3 hp (8FO0119)

Sustainable Development, 3 credits (8FO0119)


Tid/Time: Veckor 36-48 2023 / Calendar weeks 36-48 2023

Course content

The course is based on the UN's 17 sustainability goals and the course participants carry out in-depth work within one of the goals and broaden their knowledge in other sustainability goals by becoming familiar with the work of other groups.

Interprofessional communication skills are trained and each course participant's special skills should be integrated into the studies. The course includes project work with links to locally relevant societal problems connected to Agenda 2030.

Learning outcomes

After passing the course the student will be able to:

  • Exemplify relationships between Agenda 2030 sustainable development goals
  • Explain how the own research area is involved in Agenda 2030
  • Analyze and scientifically discuss aspects of sustainable development within the own research area
  • Analyze the different value foundations that shape the conflicts of interest within the own research area

For a complete description of the goals, please see course syllabus (link below)



Educational methods

Interdisciplinary groups are formed, comprised of students and PhD students from different programs/disciplines from the four LiU faculties. Every group has access to a mentor and meets two hours a week using digital communication tools. The time point for the meetings are flexible and decided by the individual groups. The group decides on an Agenda 2030 topic and works during the semester with problem identification, compilation and analysis of information and presentation of solutions that will be communicated through various channels.


Examination takes place through continuous written and oral reporting in English individually and in groups: written and oral reports every two weeks on work progress (individually) and compilation of the work in poster form with associated oral presentation (in group) and a written reflection on how the own research area is related to Agenda 2030. In addition, active participation is required in mandatory parts for passing the course. Active participation means that the student contributes with work, input and/or own reflections relevant to the assignment. The mandatory elements of this course are group meetings and a sustainability conference. The group's mentor is a tentator and assesses the performance of individual group members according to the course objectives.

Admission requirements

Basic eligibility for courses at postgraduate education level is the one that has
- graduated at advanced level,
- completed course requirements of at least 240 higher education credits of which at least 60 credits at advanced level, or
- otherwise acquired equivalent knowledge.

Recommended reading

The course coordinator will communicate a list of relevant literature when the course starts.

Additional information

The first and final activities (kick-off and final examination workshop) are given on September 5 and November 28, 2023. In between, weekly group activities will be organized either on campus or via Zoom.

Kick-off Meeting

Date: 2023-09-05

Time: 15:00-18:00

Place: t.b.d.

Zoom (if you cannot attend on campus): contact the course coordinator

Final Examination Workshop

Date: 2023-11-18

Time: 15:00-18:00

Place t.b.d.

Zoom (if you cannot attend on campus): contact the course coordinator


All course materials and updated information about the course can be found on LISAM.

Course coordinator

Donatella Puglisi


Maria Lerm


Sidansvarig: siw.carlfjord@liu.se
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