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Whom should you ask for help?

If you have questions or problems


The first person to ask is the director of third-cycle studies at your department (FUS). If there is a conflict of interest contact the deputy.

If you, your department or your supervisor feel that the matter needs to be examined by an external reviewer, they can so request the Research and PhD studies Committee (FUN) after the director of third-cycle studies has been informed.

The Research and PhD studies Committee appoints a team to prepare the matter. The team consists of the chair of FUN, a teacher representative, your representative and the secretary. The matter is then presented to the committee – you, your principal adviser and a representative of department administration are entitled to attend.

The decision may require further investigation by the director of third-cycle studies or external experts appointed by the dean. The Research and PhD studies Committee’s decision is to consist of an expert opinion and a recommendation for how the department is to handle the matter.

If you or the department are dissatisfied with the decision, the matter is forwarded to the faculty board.


Occupational Health

The student Health Care Center

The Chair of Secretariat of Research and PhD studies Committee (FUN)


Questions about third-cycle studies?

Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, IKE:

Annelie Lindström
Phone: 010-103 4386

Christer Tagesson
Phone: 010-103 1450

Annelie Munther
Phone: 010-103 1332

Department of Medical and
Health Sciences, IMH:

Elisabeth Skargren
Phone: 010-10 31756

Carl-Johan Carlhäll
Phone: 010-10 33395

Kajsa Bendtsen
Phone: 010-10 32383

Health, Activity, Care, HAV/ Department of Social
and Welfare Studies, ISV:

Gunilla Liedberg
Phone: 011-363251

Niclas Silfverhammar
Phone: 011-363544

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Last updated: 2019-03-05