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Polopoly will be shut down December 15, 2023. Existing pages will have to be moved before or will be removed at that date. Empolyees may read more at FAQ Polopoly Avveckling

Registration and follow-up while studying

You must enter you degree of activity and type of maintenance during the preceding semester in Ladok, a national system for study administration within higher education, twice a year. Make sure that the degree of activity is accurate. Your degree of activity is the percentage of full-time third-cycle studies that you pursued during the semester. In other words, you are to report the actual amount of time that you devoted to your studies even if it was during non-working hours (as a percentage of 40 hours a week). If you have a doctoral studentship along with teaching or administrative duties, reduce your degree of activity accordingly.

If your degree of activity varied throughout the semester (due to non-completion, a degree, etc.), enter the average. You must also enter the average if you began studying in the middle of the semester.

If your degree of activity is too low, you may not be able to receive a degree.

Annual follow-up

Your individual study plan must be followed up at least once a year. The follow-up must be signed by you and your supervisor (as well as the director or equivalent when applicable) and contain the information below:

- Modules completed in accordance with your individual study plan

- Deviations from your individual study plan in terms of progress in your thesis project or completion of modules for which credits are awarded

- Deviations from your timetable or financing plan

- In the case of major deviations, submit a revised individual study plan along with the annual follow-up


 Form for annual review

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