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Laboratory Animal Sciences (LAS), 5 credits (web-course) (8FO0069)

Försöksdjurskunskap, 5 hp web-baserad kurs

The course Laboratory Animal Sciences (LAS) is provided by the Medical Faculty at Linköping University. The course comprises of four modules (A-D). The first two modules (A-B) are theoretical, the third (C) is practical, and the fourth (D) is a theoretical module intended for individuals responsible for animal experiments. Participation in Module D is a prerequisite in order to be able to write an ethical application.

LAS is a third cycle education course and is compulsory for all PhD students at Linköping University who are engaged in animal experiments. The modules A-C are open for all students/employees at Linköping University. The course is free of charge provided the student/employee is going to perform animal research.

External applicants will be charged a fee of 3000 SEK for the theoretical part and 5000 SEK for the practical part in rodents (module C).

Enrollment for the course is ongoing throughout the year. Apply by using the link below. Please note that you first need to contact the Animal Ethics Officer (see below under Initial screening of competence

Education in Laboratory Animal Science

In accordance with the Directive on research animals (SJVFS 2015:24 Saknr L150) anyone interested in planning or carrying out research with animals must have a proper education in Laboratory Animal Science before the work can be initiated. This implies that even if you are not going to conduct the actual experiments, you still need to complete the suitable education in order to act as research leader for the studies in hand.

Below you will find information on the actual steps required to complete the necessary education. If you are a student in the International Master Program “Experimental and Medical Biosciences” and plan to do a project involving research animals, you are directed to register to a another course with the same name within the Master Program that runs once a year in the fall semester.

Who is who in the LAS course?

Course coordinator and examiner (CE): Petter Hedlund 
Course administrator (CA): Anna Fyrberg 
Animal Ethics Officer (AEO): Jordi Altimiras 
University Veterinarian: Monika Kozak Ljunggren 

Initial screening of competence

Prior to your enlistment to the course, contact the Animal Ethics Officer (AEO) by email (see above) and describe who you are and your need to take the LAS course.
The AEO will provide a PDF document to be filled out (a CV and digital picture are required). Please notice that not everyone is eligible for the LAS course, a minimal specific education is required (details can be found in the L150 directive).
The PDF document will be used to determine what parts of the LAS course you need to complete. People with LAS education from other countries or institutions may be able to count in some of their previous education. Within one week the AEO will send you back the LAS portfolio stating precisely the modules to fulfill in order to work with research animals.
The AEO will inform the CA and you will be requested to complete an online application (see above).
Within a short period the course administrator will grant access to the online course platform in LISAM. Further information on how to proceed with the LAS course will be found in the LISAM platform.
Note: To be able access LISAM, you need a LiU ID. If you do not have a LiU ID, please contact Fredrik Almqvist, administrator at the Department of Medical and Health Sciences, E-mail: fredrik.almquist@liu.se, and ask for an “Institutional account”.

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