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Human Resources (HR)

Human Resources (HR) provides advice and guidance on employment, terms and conditions of employment, salary/payroll, recruitment, pensions, insurances and staff health and welfare.

To the right is a link to the Human Resource Department homepage with common information for LiU and also links to forms. To the left you find information and routines specific for HR at BKV.

If you need advice or guidance contact us at Human Resources:

  • Anette Wiklund, HR Manager
    mainly towards divisions Barnafrid, BKH, II, KK, KOO och SOK
  • Helena Jonsson, HR Manager
    mainly towards divisions CELLB, CSAN, LÄFO, MMV, NEUROB och VS
  • Emma Törnqvist, HR Manager
  • Eva Åström, International Coordinator
  • Gesine Ensle, HR Coordinator

HR is part of the BKV office located in house 511, floor 12. Head of administration is the head of HR.



Functional email: HR@bkv.liu.se

Helena Jonsson, HR Manager
Phone: +46 13 28 66 89
E-mail: helena.jonsson@liu.se

Emma Törnqvist, HR Manager
Phone: +46 13 28 11 32
E-mail: emma.tornqvist@liu.se

Anette Wiklund, HR Manager
Phone: +46 13 28 68 41
E-mail: anette.wiklund@liu.se

Eva Åström, International Coordinator
Phone: +46 13 28 68 60
E-mail: eva.i.astrom@liu.se

Gesine Ensle, HR Coordinator
Phone: +46 13 28 21 42
E-mail: gesine.ensle@liu.se

Salary support
Phone: +46 13 28 69 00
E-mail: lon@liu.se

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