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Research preparatory courses and scholarship

BKV provides students interested in research an opportunity to take two research preparatory courses to get an introduction to research. These are independent courses.

Once admitted to a research preparatory course the student is given the opportunity to apply for a scholarship during the course.

During the time the student is applying for the preparatory research course the supervisor must request a scholarship establishment. Once the scholarship has been granted and announced the student can apply for the scholarship.

  1. An application to attend the research preparatory course is sent by the student to the course coordinator
  2. A request to establish a scholarship is sent to the department coordinator by the supervisor
  3. The scholarship is announced
  4. An application for the scholarship is sent to the department coordinator

For foreign students: As of autumn 2011 all students outside the EEA, including Switzerland (non EU students), must pay tuition fees for studies at the undergraduate and graduate level according to the Regulation (SFS 2010:543) on application and tuition fees at universities and colleges. Since the research preparatory course is at an advanced level all non-EU students need to pay a tuition fee. The tuition fee is calculated as the number of credits multiplied by 2833 SEK according to decision Dnr LiU-2010–01193. Furthermore there are regulations on tuition fees and fellowships stated in the legal framework of the University. These decisions have registration numbers Dnr LiU-2011–00599 and Dnr LiU-2011–01531.

In addition, students from outside the EEA, including Switzerland need to apply for a residence permit for studies. Please contact your department coordinator for the certificate that needs to be included in the application to the Migration Board.

Research preparatory courses

There are six different research preparatory courses and a scholarship can be obtained for a maximum of two courses.

The application is sent by the student to the course coordinator and should contain the following:

  • Application with name, personal number, address and the specified course with course code and supervisor. The application is dated and signed by the applicant.
  • Study certificate
  • CV
  • An individual study plan with a list of literature (signed by student and supervisor)
  • Certificate from supervisor, holding a PhD degree, that he/she will act as supervisor

When the application has been approved and the student has been admitted the course coordinator will send the application documents to the admissions office at the University. After registration the admissions office sends an admission certificate to the student.

When the course requirements have been achieved the supervisor should send a certificate of this to the course coordinator.


The examination consists of a written report and a seminar where the project work and the research based literature is presented. The examiner reviews the report and attends the seminar.

The supervisor is the examiner and should hold a PhD degree.

After passing the examination the examiner sends a signed certificate to the course coordinator.

For reporting of the completed course the student needs to to be registered during the semester.

Research preparatory scholarship

A requirement for the student to apply for a research preparatory scholarship is that the student is attending one of the research preparatory courses at BKV.

The scholarship may be established for a maximum of two courses for a maximum of six months per course.
A processing time of at least three weeks, can be expected, before the first payment.


A formal request is sent by the supervisor to the department coordinator who organises that:

  • Documents are registered
  • The document ”Request to establish a research preparatory scholarship” is signed by the head of the department
  • The scholarship is announced (5-12 business days) and the announcement sent to the supervisor


The student sends the application to the department coordinator on time.
The application should contain:

  • Admission certificate
  • Education plan including list of literature, signed by supervisor and student
  • Copy of passport (applicable to international citizens without a Swedish personal number)

The department coordinator organises that:

  • Applications/suggestions are registered
  • The decision is signed by the head of the department
  • The scholarship is paid through the payment system
  • The student is informed of the decision 




Course coordinator:
Giannis Spyrou, Professor
Clinical Chemistry, floor 11
E-mail: giannis.spyrou@liu.se

Course administrator:
Sonia Lander
E-mail: sonia.lander@liu.se

Scholarship applications are sent to:
Lisa Dobrosch, International Coordinator
BKV office
E-mail: lisa.dobrosch@liu.se


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  • Certificate to research preparatory course, introduction (15 hp, course coed 8FG034, max 2 months)
  • Certificate to research preparatory course I (30 hp, course coed 8FG035, max 4 months)
  • Certificate to research preparatory course IB, basic level (45 hp, course code8FG053, max 6 months)
  • Certificate to research preparatory course II, advanced level (30 hp, course code 8FA044, max 4 months)
  • Certificate to research preparatory course IIB, advanced level (45 hp, course code 8FA161, max 6 months)

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