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As an employee you are entitled to paid holiday already the first year of employment.

To get full paid holiday you need to be employed the whole year, beginning from January 1. Your age defines how many holiday days you are entitled to. The number of holiday days you’ve earned during your employment period can be seen in the web reporting system, Primula.sovande person

According to the Annual Leave Act you are, as an employee, entitled to a period of leave of at least four weeks, of which three may be contiguous, in June to August. If you have more than 20 days you are entitled to save the surplus days until a subsequent year. However, the maximum number of holiday days that can be saved is 35.

At LiU two different holiday routines are applied – one for technical and administrative staff and one for employees with unregulated working hours.

Technical and administrative staff apply for holiday in the web-reporting system, Primula.

For employees with unregulated working hours a simplified administrative system for registration of holiday is applied. Accordingly, all holiday days are automatically registered during the summer months. All employees are responsible for planning work together with immediate superior to make sure that all holiday days are used during the year. The routine is approved in writing upon new employment. If you do not intend to use all holiday days or wish to use saved holiday days, you apply by sending in a holiday application form no later than May 31 each year.

For teachers and PhD students the following applies:

If you have 28 holiday days (up to 29 years) the holiday period is 27/6 - 3/8

If you have 31 holiday days (from 30 years) the holiday period is 27/6 - 8/8

If you have 35 days holiday (from 40 years) the holiday period 27/6 - 12/8

If you have 38 holiday days (joint employment) the holiday period is 27/6 - 17/8


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Last updated: 2020-02-05