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VR-funded research school is open to PhD students - Apply now!

Dear all!

We are now recruiting PhD students for participation in the National Clinical Research School in Chronic Inflammatory Diseases (NCRSCID) 2020-2022!

Deadline for applications is March 11th 2020. This is an excellent opportunity for students  to build a network while getting a great research education. Besides some shared courses, the students gets to attend different workshops, retreats, and conferences together and get fantastic training in presenting and discussing their research projects and scientific questions.

Find out more at www.researchschool.nu

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National Clinical Research School in Chronic Inflammatory Diseases (NCRSCID) is open for submissions to the fifth round of admissions 2020-2022!

Extended Deadline to 2020-03-11


The national research school is funded by a five-year special grant from the Swedish Council of Research (Vetenskapsrådet).

It will provide high quality research training for PhD students in a clinical environment encompassing internationally excellent research constellations.


Who can apply?
PhD students registered at a Swedish university and have not yet passed their half-time control

The activities will be spread out during a two-year period, facilitating your progression to a future leader in your field of research.



Find out more and apply at www.researchschool.nu

or email: info@researchschool.nu


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Cecilia Aulin, PhD

Director of Studies NCRSCID



Cecilia Aulin, PhD

Director of studies/Coordinator

Karolinska Institute

Rheumatology, CMM L8:03

171 76 Stockholm

Mobile: +46 737 36 29 53


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