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Reminder - Last request to report the use of research animals

Since the yearly report of research animals is an obligation that we cannot simply forget, please spend the time it takes to complete this request.

Jordi Altimiras, director of animal testing, have to report these numbers on March 1st and need the time to compile all the information. Statistics are reported by discipline and species, which means that he has to put together the data for all projects. Once he has done that, he does not want to redo it for late coming information.

If he does not have your numbers this Thursday, February 27th he will report the information he has from Tbase which he knows will be incorrect in most cases. Subsequently, Jordi will request from the animal permit holder (tillståndshavare) to find a way to withdraw your ethical permits since you are not fulfilling your obligations. There is probably no easy way to do this but he thinks it is a reasonable request.


Sidansvarig: john.a.karlsson@liu.se
Senast uppdaterad: 2020-02-27